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Free Book let of Kashi Himalaya Theertha Yathra

India is land of diverse culture with people of different creed, colour and castes. Being a secular state, India is occupied by people of Pilgrims in India different religion such as Hindu, Sikh, Muslims and Christians. Interestingly, all the religion holds a significant place in the Indian houshold. Moreover, they have their own views, thoughts, beliefs, faiths and pilgrimage destination. For example, Hindu love visiting Viashno Devi, holiest place for hindu's , Muslims seeks to Ajmer Sharief, and Sikhs to Golden temple in Amritsar. It was a pleasure for me to explore some of the spiritulistic spots that beholds the faith of thousands of Indian people. But an important fact, that I noticed was that India is majorly a hindu state but this doesn't bound any religion not to express their views. We have conducted Teertha Yathra's(holy pilgrammage) from East to west and from north to south more than 30 times(ie. only 1 per year).The trip mostly will contain pilgrims from kerala and tamil nadu.Also Indian natives residing in various other nations including US,Uk,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,European Union's etc also have joined with our trips several times.We are not conducting any Holiday trip or enjoyment trip but our aim is to make pilgrims know about the various cultural heritages still existing in india and there present value in this nation.

We use to conduct the pilgrims only once in a year.We are also sending a free book let for every letters we are receiving.currently we have only Malayalam as well as Tamil versions of the book let with us.the book let will describes you each and every place in detail as well as the trip maps as well as the location details where we stay and all.Also this trip is being conducted for those old peoples who wish to go not only kashi but also various other holi destinations including Ayodhya,Madura,Vaishnovi etc etc the list goes on..

You can also book for a video cd if you wish to see our trip in your home itself.Trip is being conducted by

Sree SaradaShramam
Saradha Nagar,
Vettornimadam p.o,

Our light and sucess behind each pilgrimmage conducted from the Ashramam is our Pilgrim Guru Swami Ambikanada the Great Traveller who was a follower of Gandhiji who travelled even in his 100th age throughout India.But he tinkles like a star in our mind for now.Currently Ashramam is going under the head of Mathaji Parameshwari.Convenor Sree. Krishnan Nair is engaged in the organization of our trip and his hard work makes our trip without any hardships.That makes people who comes with us for the first time to repeat it for the next time too.Also we are preparing homly food with rich set of meals for each and every one who is with us so that those who is with us should not suffer from the food outside.

Apart from that it's this yatra that make us cherish the dreams of the Guru Swami Ambikanandaji to help poor childrens in and around the ashramam who comes from very poor families.We use to follow his words of HELPING OTHERS MAKES YOUR LIFE BRIGHTER EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN THE MIDST OF POVERTY.We still faces all these but we are trying as well as working hard to cherish smiles in the faces of those who are around us including poor childrens and old men and women with what we can.

Any Request for the Book lets or videos can be made by posting a letter to us in the following mail:
Mathaji Parameshwari
Sree SaradaShramam
Saradha Nagar,
Vettornimadam p.o,
Kanya Kumari Dist
Tamil Nadu,India

DDs/Cheques can also be send to the above address with Heading Kashi himalaya Theertha Yatra in response to the book let you are receiving at first.
This Blog will help you for any comments in response for the publishment as the writer is a true devotee of the Late Swami Ambikanandaji.You will receive a receipt in response to the every cheque/DD we are receving also if you are kind towards helping poor childrens as well as old peoples in and around the ashramam for their education and living then also you can send DD/Cheques to the above address.

Note:This Publishment is made in request of the Free Advertisement made online for Ashramam.For more Details you can contact Ashramam with Above Address or call in this no 04651 286169 From Abroad add 91 prefix

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