Saturday, January 13, 2007

Himalayas Ever Green Hero

I have been a Traveller to Himalayas for last 32 years.Every year i used to go to All the Holi Pilgrimes in India touching each and every node in india.We used to go as a group of people from all respects of life who used to be a believer in Hindu Methodolgies under a Trust run by Swami Ambikananda the follower of our Father of Nation Ganghiji and also is a freedom fighter and has now reached over 100 yrs of age.This pilgrim tour is conducted by his Ashramam named Saradasramam,Near Vettornimadam near Nagercoil,Tamil Nadu.Only 50 kms away from Trivandrum City.Our Yatra is a Successful one each and every year with the blessings of him.
I wish to begin a blog episode soon on our experiences with the Yatra.It will be blessing for all other's who wish to visit these places,but due to UnHealthy reasons cannot got a chance Yet.Yes this blog will surely Accompanied with a lot of Screen shots of Various places,they are not just places but the Holy pilgrim centers in india where each and every Indian should visit atleast once.

Ashramam run under Swamiji also provides financial faclities to poor childrens residing there who are ambitious about there future and talented too with the skills they have.Ashramam is conducting this Yatra once in a Year with the expectaion of rasing funds for their day to day Activities.So those who can help Swamiji to fullfill his dreams of good living conditions and Educational Facilities for the poor Children can donate to the underlying address.This Address will also Help for those who wish to Know more about the Ashram.Payments Should be send as DD or Cheque convenient to Transfer in NagerCoil.

Yatra conducted by Swami Ambikananda.
Convener S.Krishnan Nair.
Contact Addr:Sree SaradaShramam
Saradha Nagar,
Vettornimadam p.o,
Kanya Kumari Dist
Tamil Nadu,India

With the blessings of our Swamiji Let's Start this travelogue soon.. in the upcomming post..

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