Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dwaraka - Haridwar Yatra 2009

We are very happy to announce that dwaraka-haridwar yatra is being conducted from our Sarada Ashramam for a period of 34 days starting from Feb 28th 2009.Those who are intrested to participate in this holy trip conducted from our Ashramam leaded by Mathaji Paramaeswari can send us either a letter to the address we have published before or can send a mail clearly stating ur mail address to the mail id with Heading Kashi-Himalaya Theertha Yatra.

       We are sending a booklet which has a detailed description of the places we are yet to covered which can also be used as a very useful piece of information later.this booklet is send to you free of cost which will have  a application form which u need to fill and send back to us.The booklet is being send to you only in 2 languages mostly Malayalam and Tamil.

     Yatra starts flag off from Kanyakumari....

     Wishing All of you a Wonder ful Year Ahead..

       in rememberence of Sree Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa
              'Ellam aa Maha Prabuvinte Leelayanannu Karutuka
             Anunimisham Prabhuvine smarikkuka'
                                                                                                    Matahji Parameswari